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Understanding the 'why and how' goes beyond simply a smooth ride.  Other clinicians may help your horse find a non-specific easy gait, but fall short in explaining how to refine your horse into his breed standard

Do you understand WHY your horse carries a particular gait??? 

Why "less is more" when it comes to correcting your horse???

Anita's "Release Based" riding coupled with ask-and-release aids will help you ride in true partnership as your horse enjoys your adventures and challenges right along with you.  


Clinic Topics - choose what you want to know:

  • The 4 R’s of communication and riding with release

    • Being consistent with your communication

  • The comfort of your horse directly linked to his calmness and thinking

    • You're Horse's Temperament and Training

  • Fundamentals of the Partnership

    • Connect at Liberty: respect vs. partnership

    • The Better Your Release the Faster he learns

    • Engaging your horse from "Back to Front"

    • Understand how your horse should balance himself and you. 

    • How a Horse’s Balance affects his Gait

  • Biomechanics of Easy Gaits : heredity vs. learned vs. rider influence

  • What are Authentic Gaits vs. mechanical gaits?

  • What gait is my horse doing and why?

    • Cure the Pace Habit

    • Helping the Trotting Horse find his glide ride

    • Setting the Multi-Gaited Horse to default to the gear you want

  • Developing the Canter in your gaited horse: it's not about speed

  • Understand the importance of saddle fit for the gaited horse

  • Your horse stands quiet for mounting (NEVER park-out)

  • Regaining Your Confidence after a fall

  • Calm and trouble-free Trailer Loading


  • Liberty in the Round Pen (connection, confidence and respect)

  • Trail riding concerns for gait

  • Being part of the horse

    • Ride with an Independent Seat and Lighter Hands

  • Developing the Naturally Brilliant Horse 

Any clinic group may elect to choose the topics to be covered.  My only requirement being that it includes fundamentals of gait biomechanics and the 4 R's of riding with release.  Second or follow up clinic topics are unrestricted. 


Please note that I never promote shoeing to alter gait. Shoeing is for hoof protection ONLY!

Choose your topics and bring your questions!


Building your own Open or Private Clinic... Customize your clinic to target the needs of your group and get the most help and advice for your money. It is your choice how many riders, how long and whether or not to open your clinic to auditors.


Basic:  "What is my horse doing and how can I help", a 1 day introduction to gait series.

In this one day clinic we discuss basic biomechanics of gait, focus on gait identification from both the ground and the saddle including the importance of natural, released-based horsemanship to work with your horses. We explore how riders can help or hinder the natural gaiting abilities of their horses.


Basic Plus: "Learning the Tools of Gait Correction" - 2 days,

Complete Two full days where you will work extensively with your horse, learning how to help him find natural gait, why and where he goes wrong, and what it will take for him to become more automatic in his gaiting.


Includes in depth analysis of biomechanics, extensive evaluation and development of a "training plan" to improve his strengths along with his balance as you polish his authentic gaiting abilities through released-based exercises.


Advanced: "Refining the Gaits" -

1 or 2 days a more advanced clinic specifically geared for walking horse riders who have already attended previous clinics or as an add-on to the Complete 2 day clinic.


For riders who are ready to further refine the fundamental gaits and/or learn to develop the canter in their gaited horse.


Preparing your Naturally Gaited Horse for the Show Ring; half day designed specifically for those who wish to explore the show ring or to improve their horse for showing. We will cover ring etiquette as well as areas that traditionally trip up gaited horses; grooming; prior preparation and traveling with your horse.

Do you want an "Authentic Gaits Clinic" in your area?  It's Easy!

Whether you have a family or private group, or a large club, Anita can help you structure a clinic that will give your group the help and results you want while keeping costs affordable

  1. Earn Free Participation!!!  Any individual can earn their participation in an "Authentic Gaits" clinic with Anita Howe by becoming the organizer for your clinic; my local "boots on the ground" representative.  Help get 6 riders signed to earn half off the cost of your participation  or get 9 other riders and earn your full participation free.

  2. Venue ... We'll need a suitable covered arena large enough for 10 horses, with adequate parking that is available for weekend rental.  We'll need bathroom facilities and some seating space while a sound system and horse overnight options are a big plus.  If you anticipate riders coming in any distance these become vital.

  3. A starter group of committed participants of 5 or more riders.  I traditionally accept up to 10 riders, but if you can secure the starting group I promote to fill the balance.

  4. Organized groups may wish to consider the "For Hire" option structured below to allow either subsidizing cost for members or using as a fund raiser. 

Please email or text me if you are interested in having a clinic in your area.  Remember, my goal is to always make a clinic affordable to people who wish to attend. 

816-686-7748  or or PM me on FaceBook



Generally a 2 day Authentic Gaits Horsemanship Clinic, for up to 10 riders can be achieved at a per rider cost of  only $350--$425 depending upon arena rental costs and travel expenses to your location. I make every effort to keep costs low to make these clinics available to the greatest number of people and horses.  We usually open these clinics for auditors as well, if seating space is available.



Organized Groups may consider a Private Clinic to get more hands-on time for each rider...  Or

the for-hire option gives a group control over participation charges, setting their own rates for members to either subsidize rider cost or to utilize the clinic as a fund raising event for the group.

  • My "hire rate" is  $800 per day plus travel and lodging expenses, for a maximum of 10 participants.

  • Travel expenses may include lodging, mileage or car rental, airfare and airport parking. 

  • Unlimited auditors as your venue allows.

  • You may choose to add a morning or afternoon session for only $400 on the days of my travel, this may allow a larger group to get some additional time.

  • All Clinics of this structure require a booking deposit of $500 with submission of contract.


Please note that I never promote shoeing to alter gait. Shoeing is for hoof protection ONLY!

Choose your topics and bring your questions!

So Bring Your Questions!

My goal is to help you where you need help most, not simply give you a prepared lecture. If you have questions I want to address them and I encourage open discussions, particularly in the smaller group format.


Optional 60-90 minute topics available as time and schedule allows -

What YOU can do to help calm your horse and get him THINKING better

Improving the canter on your gaited horse... We get rid of the myth that "gaited horses don't canter"

Developing the Naturally Brilliant keg-shod or barefoot show horse

Taking to the trail with your gaited horse

Anita has extensive experience in training the following gaited breeds:






Racking horses

Gaited Morgans


Paso Finos


Anita has been successfully training gaited horses and their riders on natural gait correction for 20+  years and has encountered dozens of horses brought in with statements like "There's no fixing this horse!".  

Well now there is! If you're local to the Montgomery AL area and would like to utilize the facilities at Howe They Walk Farm for a private lesson or small group, please email or call for details.


Please contact Anita at  ***  phone or text 816-686-7748


Happy Gaiting,

Anita Howe

Authentic Gaits Clinics

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