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"Papa's Royal Delight"

Tennessee Walking Horse, Multi-National Champion and GrandChampion Stallion

Registered: TWHBEA, NWHA, CRTWH, and IPWHR,

homozygous black, 15 hands, multi-gaited, correct, bold and brilliantly showy gaits



Simply put... Papa "Walks the Walk" of authentic walking horse gaits!

Papa has a total of NINE National Championship and Grand-champion titles to his credit, including the Natural Horsemanship Championship, 2009 & 2010.


Fans and judges all agree, with blue ribbons and championships well over 200 and counting, it's simply obvious that what he does is what he was bred for.  His talent is never gimmicked or nailed on, only polished to a naturally brilliant and bold level of movement, drive and extension. His offspring consistently reflect his natural, multi-gaited, big back ends and loose stride that epitomizes great walking horses.  See video here of "Papa's Graceful Spirit" and "Papa's Midnight Pearl".   These amazing mares are already consistently winning championships in their own right! 


Papa's is considered by many to be a standard of the breed for gait, disposition and conformation: 

  • His build is solid and four-cornered with a beautifully refined head and an elegantly arched neckline.

  • He has wonderful stride length with well-formed haunches; really reaches under himself while impressively rolling out of his well-developed shoulders.

  • He is extremely athletic, balanced and versatile.

  • His conformation has won numerous awards, even among multi-breed competitions.

  • He has triple digit blues in rail competitions, and placed highly in trail obstacle, extreme obstacle challenges as well as dressage.

  • Papa has been featured in

    • Anita Howe's book "Freedom to Gait";

    • Gary Lane's book, "From the Trail to the Rail",

    • Brenda Imus' book "The Gaited Horse Bible"

    • Gary Lane and Anita Howe's DVD on the Flatfoot walk;

    • and now in Anita Howe's DVD "The Running Walk and Intermediate Gaits"

    • He has several youtube videos available as well that have been linked to websites across the globe.

Expert opinions have him as the stallion with the best authentic movement currently standing.


Papa has the pedigree to impress anyone! Great TWH stallions like Ebony Masterpiece, Pride's Royal Master, Pride of Midnight HF, Pride's Generator, The Pusher CG and Delight of Pride. He also has (count 'em) FIVE direct Sun's Delight D mares in his bloodlines. *Sun's Delight was reputed to produce the most talented and truest breeding mares in TWH history.  We can trace back to World Grand Champion of 1945 and 1946, "Midnight Sun" no less than 11 times on his pedigree and at least 19 times to foundation sire, Allen F-1.


To better any breed you must start with true natural talent in your breeding stock.  A willing attitude, keen intelligence and calm demeanor are also characteristics that enhance a great pleasure horse. This is the reason Papa won the Suitability of Breeding Stock Championship in 2002 and again in 2006, and was the highest ranking stallion in 2003 in taking the Reserve. This prestigious title is awarded by a panel of judges, one of which personally rides every horse to comparatively gauge natural talent.


Papa has also demonstrated his intelligence and attentive attitude by winning the Advanced Natural Horsemanship Championship at the North American Gaited Horse Championships in both 2009 and 2010.


Papa's "no worries" attitude, people-loving personality and intelligence are getting consistently passed on to his foals right along with that loose, walky stride.   Temperament must be bred in just like talent and color. Even as a breeding stallion, Papa routinely demonstrates and competes side-by-side with mares, geldings as well as other stallions.


So ask yourself if you're seriously breeding for natural gaiting talent and to improve the breed, then come see him in action, he won't disappoint you.


**Papa will only compete at clean, sound shows. We refuse to support those shows or organizations that are not dedicated to rejecting mechanically or chemically altered horses from competition, or from rewarding incorrect and gimmicky gaits in horses that have been fixed instead of trained. 



















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