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        Freedom to Gait

Releasing Your Horse into Natural Easy-Gaits


"Honest gait comes from balance, posture and impulsion, never from what’s on the horse’s feet."


Part I - KNOWLEDGE: Details equine biomechanics of gait to provide a basis of understanding about gaited horse movement and what is needed to unlock his natural easy gaiting abilities.

Part II - TOOLS: Describes and illustrates the aids to establish communication for training; to engage his mind through natural and classical horsemanship so your horse becomes a willing partner that offers you his gait.

Part III - PLAN: Combines the knowledge and tools above to outline solutions to help your horse naturally correct his own carriage while improving balance and gait. It addresses a variety of common gaiting problems as well as dedicating a full chapter to developing a correct and fluid canter in your gaited horse.

Part IV - JOURNEy: Is dedicated to the naturally brilliant horse, illustrating how to develop the flatshod horse’s natural talent and potential for the show ring without resorting to gimmicks or mechanical enhancements.


Making a commitment many years ago to never train gaited horses shod in anything heavier than keg shoes opened a door for Anita Howe by taking away the traditional crutches others rely on.  Anita realized that movement affected through mechanical aids doesn’t last and can be detrimental to a horse, while classical and natural horsemanship allows him to brilliantly improve every year he's ridden. By combining the biomechanics of gait with a love of natural horsemanship Anita has developed consistent solutions for gaited horses that reliably correct and improve balance, gait and athleticism. As a trainer and clinician Anita has a growing reputation for producing horses that are softer, more consistent, happier and more correct in their movement, while teaching riders to better understand these biomechanics as the natural tools to help their horses release their inherent gait potential.


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Freedom to Gait

by Anita Howe

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